domingo, 21 de abril de 2013


I ran into consciousness
like people do when they're alone
surrounded by the sweet darkness within all silence
and after a little while the great sight came
it brought terrible ludicity

Suddenly, I noticed my own body
and the buildings rising stately and dead
everything was so close to me I could barely breathe

The gasps slowly filled me
making me cold and miserable
in this land where there are no monsters
not even one to calm my imagination

I still couldn't be able to say a word
but at least I was moving
here and there inside the room of my mind

At a corner, this thought came to me
it was something like
"Everything made me realize everything"

So I opened my mute mouth, stunt
looking around as if it was the first time I saw the world
and all the cars, people, noises
they just turned into some light
that fit in my trembling hand

I was shaking, lonesome with the flashing comprehension
that exploded in a lightning of life
delivering me to every spot there was

And so, I was in the universe
I was the universe
with its birds,
and every little animal

I couldn't smile
I couldn't think

All I can do now is watch
All I can do now is be

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